Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic dentures are designed to improve the esthetic appeal of a person's face. Cosmetic dentures can be used to close gaps between teeth, replace missing teeth or improve upon previously-done denture work. Cosmetic dentures are made mainly from acrylic or cobalt chromium. Chromium cosmetic dentures are used when there are some teeth remaining. A complete denture set is usually made from gum-colored acrylic as it is lighter. Cosmetic dentures are a non-invasive procedure and anyone in good medical health can have a denture set made. The only requirement is that the patient have healthy gums so that there are enough gum ridges to ensure denture retention. In the absence of healthy gums, dental implant cosmetic dentures are an alternative.

Dr. Sands and his team of experienced dental professionals strive to provide all of their general and/or cosmetic dentistry Los Angeles patients with outstanding results. They conduct thorough consultations with all patients to learn about their dental health and goals. The highly regarded Beverly Hills smile makeover expert Dr. Sands then uses this information to develop highly customized treatment plans consisting of procedures such as bonding, porcelain veneers and crowns, tooth whitening and/or dental implants. For patients who desire to improve the alignment of their teeth, Dr. Sands is proud to offer Invisalign in Los Angeles.


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